VCE English

Top Scope College VCE English course is focused on enhancing students’ creative and analytical expression and interpretation skills. This course helps students to understand implied meanings, purpose, style, structure of texts and forms of writing and to develop sound and critical judgments of a variety of text types. Most importantly, it helps students to write effectively. 

There are three levels have been structured:


*           VCE Beginner (Year 10 students)

ü  Develop an understanding of the requirements of VCE English writing tasks

ü  Write in various text types

ü  Develop a knowledge of metalanguage

ü  Develop an understanding of the reading and writing processes

ü  Develop critical thinking skills

ü  Extend personal knowledge of current issues in the media

ü  Examine structure and organisation of text/stimulus material

ü  Develop expression, style and mechanics in reading and writing

ü  Improve reading skills

ü  Understand concepts of purpose, audience and style

ü  Analyse and interpret content

ü  Develop oral presentation skills


*           VCE Writing Unit 1&2 (Year 11 students)

An understanding of text types related to Areas Study 1 and 2 of the VCE EnglishCourse

Reading and creating texts Area Study 1

Reading and comparing texts Area Study 1

Analysing and presenting argument Area Study 2


*           VCE Writing Unit 3&4 (Year 12 students)

Reading and responding Area Study 1

Creating and presenting Area Study 2

Using language to persuade Area Study 3