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VCE/IB Physics

VCE Physics:

To work towards a top score in VCE Physics, students will need to overcome lots of challenging topics such as special relativity, electromagnetic induction, projectile motion and wave-particle duality most difficult.

The aim of the course is to 

    - Develop a deeper understanding of these difficult concepts

     - Help students to- explore and understand key concepts in detail.

    - Tackle explanation and problem-based questions

    - Build students exam technique, subject skills and self-confidence by getting extensive practice with a wide range of VCE Physics Trial papers and exam style questions

    - Develop a range of inquiry skills involving research and analytical skills including critical and creative thinking, and communication skill

    - Communicate clearly and accurately an understanding of the disciplines using appropriate terminology, conventions and formats


The main component of our course is to review Year 11 and Year 12 VCE Physics, teach exam skills and provide clear guidance and feedback of students’ performance.

IB Physics:

In IB Physics, both SL and HL students will study core topics including mechanics, thermal physics, waves electricity and magnetism, circular motion and energy production. In addition, HL students will undertake four additional topics: wave phenomena, fields, electromagnetic induction, and quantum and nuclear physics. Both SL and HL students will also study one option topic, at varying degrees of depth. The option may be one of: relativity, engineering physics, imaging, or astrophysics. Students will learn to appreciate scientific study and creativity within a global context, developing an ability to analyse, evaluate and synthesise scientific information.